Need A Nudge To Get Back To Your Best Self? Five Advantages Of Emotional Trauma Healing

Emotional trauma healing comes from working on the body to restore the energy lost from the distress. Experiencing pain can...

Is SEO Worth It?

A lot of people wonder if SEO is still worth it in this day and age. If this is a...

The Benefits Of Using IT In Administration And Management

IT in administration is common across the vast majority of companies in the world, likely due to the fact that...

3 Different Places To Find Modern Quilt Patterns

Modern quilt patterns look amazing on certain things, and many people seek them out for various different design reasons. More...


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Need A Nudge To Get Back To Your Best Self? Five Advantages Of Emotional Trauma Healing

Man undertaking an emotional trauma healing with a therapist

Emotional trauma healing comes from working on the body to restore the energy lost from the distress. Experiencing pain can create mental blockages making it hard for you to relax, have good relationships and push through anxiety. If you have experienced a form of abuse, PTSD from war, or another form of suffering, we can work through to help you overcome past distresses and move into a much brighter future.

Here are the five benefits of emotional trauma healing:

You’ll be able to move on from the past

When you have baggage, it is very difficult to be able to move on from what is most bothering you. Through working with a holistic practitioner, you can be assured you can work through the burdens within your body to be able to bounce back to your optimal self. Emotional trauma healing can help you to embrace the past and overcome the stresses you have carried with you to allow you to go out without a care in the world.

Better socialization with loved ones and your network  

A major sign of someone going through pain is the sense of detachment and numbness when in conversation with others. Emotional trauma healing will work to give you the confidence to be able to see your self-worth and to be able to positively socialize with others. You will be able to step out of your bubble and own any room you walk into.

You can calm down to the max

Woman giving therapy for panic attacks

Someone who is anchored down with their past worries is living in a constant state of panic. With emotional trauma healing, we can work to help get over fears that linger in your system and be able to cope with any intense emotions that come your way. You can be assured with a holistic expert who can guide you in emotional trauma healing and be able to have a peace of mind.

Better quality sleep

Those who are riddled with shock have an inability to sleep fully leading to sleep deprivation and inability to function throughout the day. Through emotional trauma healing, we can work to repair the anxieties experienced with breathing techniques and mindfulness tools to ensure you can sleep peacefully without a care in the world. When we can work on calming down the cloudy thoughts giving you a higher quality of rest.

You’ll find love in all your old passions again 

When you are stuck in a rut, you can easily put aside all the enjoyable activities and interests that fill up your life. Emotional trauma healing works to push you to try and find things you are passionate about to allow you to let go and take moments of bliss, bringing you back to life.  Getting back into your hobbies will keep you relaxed from the stresses you have carried with you allowing you to overcome and find emotional trauma healing. You will be able to have the energy to carry through the day and you’ll begin to feel grateful about your life.

Emotional trauma healing works to help you bounce back and recover from the past issues that have been latched onto your soul. With the help of a holistic practitioner, you will have an expert to guide you on a journey in emotional trauma healing. Through this practice, you can be able to move on from past burdens, be able to socialize fully, sleep well, stay mentally positive and find things to enjoy in life again. You will be able to go out in the world without any worries on your shoulders.  

Is SEO Worth It?


A lot of people wonder if SEO is still worth it in this day and age. If this is a question you’ve been asking yourself then you’ll want to read on below, but first we should cover what SEO actually is.

SEO or search engine optimisation is the practice of improve a website or web pages visibility on the search rankings of search engines such as Google. It’s been around for quite a while now and seen a lot of evolution over time as search algorithms become more sophisticated.

SEO services can be a powerful tool for growing a business and can deliver significant benefits to your business – allowing it to grow and reach an audience that it might not otherwise reach. When done right, search engine optimisation techniques can dramatically improve the traffic to your website and can create new leads for your website. SEO still works and is a powerful tool for growth, that said it’s changed a lot and there are some misconceptions and just plain wrong ideas that are floating around about it.

Here’s what you should keep in mind;

Ranking for keywords

In the early days of SEO it was easy to rank for keywords. Nowadays, it’s a little bit harder than using a phrase over and over. Where you rank is not as straight forward as it used to be and it’s much harder to manipulate the rankings. Google at the end of the day has the final say in where you sit and there algorithm changes can have a big impact on where you sit. It’

Is it worthwhile to pay for it?

Group of SEO specialists working

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment for your business then the answer is yes – although you should consider the budget you’re putting into it. If you’re only putting a very small amount of money into each month then there’s a good chance that you’re seeing minimal impact for your SEO efforts, or even harming your position in the search rankings. Cheap quick fixes can cause serious damage to your ranking position, especially if you are using spammy links or cutting corners in other ways.

Do you have good content?

Does your website have good existing content? Are you posting information that is generally useful in your industry? Google and other search engines reward good quality content, and if you’re producing this through your SEO efforts then that’s great. If you’re not, then you may want to reconsider your current strategy.

Do you have a PPC campaign running?

PPC and search campaigns work great when approached strategically together. A holistic approach to digital marketing can be extremely powerful. A PPC campaign can support an excellent search campaign and likewise, organic results can help to propel a PPC campaign and get great results.

Is it the best use of my money?

It depends on your specific business needs and what your budget is. A smaller budget for a retail business may be better spent on a Facebook campaign but you may see a huge uptick in traffic with consistent search engine optimisation efforts in place.

So, is the practice still relevant?

Search engine optimisation still has an extremely important role to play in any digital marketing strategy and can give your business an impressive boost. In this day and age the online world is essential and organic results are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal, so it’s well worth investing your time and effort into. If you’re not sure whether it’s right for your business, why not consult with local providers?

The Benefits Of Using IT In Administration And Management

Man while coding

IT in administration is common across the vast majority of companies in the world, likely due to the fact that technology is such a large part of our lives and can help to streamline processes significantly and save money overall. Crosspoint Telecom said that IT in administration is very common because there are different types of technologies out there that are used to aid in the management field. These technologies can range from hardware to software, and both are required in order for effective management in a business. Often times, servers are required to store data effectively and allow access to it at any time and point within the business. In terms of software, there are many software packages that specialize in IT in administration, and some have become very popular among companies everywhere. If you have not implemented some form of technology into your company, you are likely going to fall behind very soon.

Here are some of the benefits of using IT in administration and management.

Storage of data and accessibility

IT in administration is used to store data and access it easily too.

In business, there is a lot of data that is thrown around and constantly being created every single day. This data can be very useful to the business in the future, and subsequently, it needs to be stored for later use. This is very difficult to do with paper-based systems, and these have gone out of fashion for a long time now. Data is stored on computers, which then needs a place to store the data for later access. Servers are then used in order for the data to be placed somewhere, and they also allow users to access the data later on. More popular technologies include cloud-based storage, where servers are placed elsewhere and data is stored and accessed on the cloud from wherever.

IT in administration allows for the easy storage and access of data.

Cyber security

IT in administration is used in order to create security for the aforementioned data. Businesses rely on their data to make decisions and for their operation. Furthermore, they may deal with very sensitive data such as financial data and personal details. This makes them very lucrative and luring targets for cyber criminals and hackers. IT in administration ensures that there are measures in place in the form of software and procedures which will prevent a cyber attack or limit the damage it can do. Many businesses will lose money every year due to cyberattacks, and this can be prevented most of the time with good cybersecurity.

Increased communication

IT in administration allows for increased communication in a business, as departments will be able to effectively communicate with each other through the use of technology. This is very important in a business, as you do not want data silos forming and delayed communication which can affect the business operation and decision-making process. Increased communication is always good in a business, and IT in the administration can help to achieve this. You always want your employees to communicate to each other and data is delivered in real-time in order to effectively manage the operation and make good decisions.

In summary, IT in administration provides many benefits to businesses, including storage of data and accessibility, cybersecurity and increased communication. These are all very important aspects of any business, and any improvement to them will result in positives for the company. Those companies looking to implement more technology, these are some benefits and reasons as to why you should.

3 Different Places To Find Modern Quilt Patterns


Modern quilt patterns look amazing on certain things, and many people seek them out for various different design reasons. More often than not, people are seeking out modern quilt patterns for inspiration for their own projects. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find a good platform with many different art pieces on them to browse through for your own uses. The Internet has brought rise to many different platforms for different purposes, and these platforms will definitely have communities that you can use to find different pieces. These platforms could include websites dedicated specifically for these types of purposes. Social media has become huge since the 2000s, and it has evolved into something more than just a place to chat with other people. Communities have formed on these social media platforms which allow people with like-minded interests to connect. This means you will definitely be able to find pieces on various different social media platforms.

Here are 3 different places to find easy modern quilt patterns.


Magazines offer a subscription service for their products. There are various modern quilt patterns magazines available out there, and these will undoubtedly have numerous pieces every week which will be able to provide you with inspiration. These magazines will focus on only modern quilt patterns and related topics to it, and you will also be able to learn about the work and read useful information related to it. Magazines are also a regular thing, so you will have a regular source of information and inspiration every single week.

Even though everything nowadays is done digitally, there is something nice about having a physical magazine in your hand, relaxing and reading it. Most modern quilt patterns magazines offer online subscriptions if that is also something you are looking for.

Social media

modern quilt patterns

Social media has become hugely popular during the past years, and millions of people access these platforms every single day to connect and chat with others. While Facebook used to be one of the biggest platforms available, other platforms with different purposes have surpassed it significantly. These platforms are great for finding modern quilt patterns, as they have whole communities which congregate around the topic and related subjects. For example, you will be able to find tags for modern quilt patterns on Instagram, and through this you can scroll through thousands if not more designs that you can use to be inspired by or use for your own purposes. There are many other social media platforms such as Pinterest available which are also great places to find designs.

Google images

This may seem like an obvious one but finding modern quilt patterns is as easy as googling it. Google contains a huge number of images on its database, and simply searching the right search terms will result in a huge return of results. You will be able to scroll through these results for hours on end and will surely find some designs you like through this. This is a simple method which does not require a subscription or a social media account. You simply just need a computer and access to the Internet, then you just Google modern quilt patterns and take a browse around.

In summary, modern quilt patterns can be found through a variety of different methods. These can include a magazine subscription, social media platforms and Google images. These are very simple ways to find new designs and easy to do. If you are looking for new designs for inspiration or for other purposes, try these methods for the best results.

Effective Strategies for Buying New Apartment Developments In Sydney

new apartment developments in Sydney

Domestic buyers who are examining new apartment developments in Sydney should want to be strategic about what they buy, where they buy, and for how much. The Western Sydney region is becoming more competitive for prospective homeowners as more developers enter the market. To be satisfied with a purchase, it is worthwhile following some effective strategies that will make this decision easier for all parties.

Connecting With Trusted Conveyance Professionals & Realtors

To be really informed about buying new apartment developments in Sydney, it pays to have industry professionals on hand to guide clients through the process. This is often found when families decide to build connections with conveyance specialists and realtors who know the Parramatta market inside and out. They will be able to outline trending valuations, the credentials of developers and connect constituents with a block that meets their strict criteria. In short, they help to carry a lot of the legwork behind the scenes.

Defining The Buyer’s Budget

Enjoying value with new apartment developments in Sydney will come down to initial financial expectations. How much is there to spend on this venture and how much can be budgeted for with a loan agreement for the long-term? Given recent developments, prices across the West of the city are expected to remain at a health level as more communities venture away from the city limits. Despite these events, homeowners have to remain firm on what they are willing to pay.

Assessing Strata Provisions

Participants who buy into this type of property will often be part of a strata agreement. These levies will vary from one domain to the next as the financial contributions help to cover essential costs like maintenance, gardening, plumbing, cleaning, electrical development and more. The intervention of body corporate representatives will play a role in the process and should be covered in detail before a decision is made.

Sourcing Building Inspection Reports

Buyers are better off when they approach new apartment developments in Sydney with a building inspection report in hand. It is too risky to take any investment of this size on face value without receiving clearance from operators who examine every nook and cranny. It will feature the wall structure, the hot water access, the electrical framework, the grade of building materials, and a range of other components that define its safety, its viability, and its overall value as a package.

Classifying Appropriate Apartment Profile

New apartment developments in Sydney are not generic one-size-fits-all properties. They can vary wildly in their style and their profile, creating a range of opportunities for buyers to find something that fits in with their lifestyle. This can include duplex, triplex, low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise, loft, studio, garden apartment or a walk-up location. Just like selecting a house, this is a choice that will come down to personal taste and to practical needs.  

Checking for Proximity to Amenities

As the West of Sydney expands its profile for constituents, new apartment developments in Sydney will vary according to their proximity to amenities. Some locations will be situated right in the middle of busy shopping centre complexes, schools, sports fields and public transport hubs, but others could be a longer distance away from these amenities. This is an effective strategy to defining valuable beyond the obvious features of the apartment.

Room for Growth?

It is always advisable for buyers to look at new apartment developments in Sydney with a long-term view rather than assessing these listings based on short-term priorities. The best opportunities that present themselves in the market will deliver constituents with a space that is viable for development and for growth. If the investment in 2021 can go to another level, then it will be primed for a significant rise in valuation by 2030, 2040 and beyond.

How To Get Your Helicopter Licence In Australia


For many people, learning how to fly is a lifelong dream. However, for those who are unable to get into flight school or become a commercial/private pilot, getting one’s helicopter licence is arguably the next best thing. In Australia, pilots have access to two types of permits: commercial and personal. Indeed, this brief article will provide a step by step process on how to get a helicopter licence in Australia, along with useful advice on getting through the application as smoothly as possible.

Commercial helicopter licence

If you are interested in becoming a pilot for commercial reasons (i.e. as a career), you’ll need a commercial permit. The requirements to be a commercial flyer are more extensive than becoming a private pilot, primarily because you’ll be responsible for transporting public members. Here are some of the critical steps (outlined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority) one needs to fulfill to be eligible for commercial authorisation:

  • A minimum of 125 hours of flight experience (as per the guidelines of the CASA-approved training criteria)
    • Note: The 125 hours benchmark can be reduced to 105 if the last 30 hours of training are completed within 90 days, and the permit is completed on two aircraft types (with a minimum of 20 hours on each aircraft)
  • A Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate
  • A demonstration of sufficient knowledge in seven theoretical examinations
  • Successfully pass a practical flight test

Private helicopter licence

Man getting his helicopter licence

On the other hand, getting your private aviation certificate is less strenuous. People who wish to fly for pleasure and take on passengers for no financial reward should pursue a personal helicopter licence. Indeed, this permit will ensure that you can pass any Australian-registered aircraft, as long as you adhere to the following prescriptions:

  • Complete a minimum 50 hours of practical flight experience (as per the CASA syllabus)
  • Complete a Class 2 Aviation Medical Certificate
  • Demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge and expertise in a theoretical examination
  • Pass your practical flight examination

Examination tips and advice

There is no doubt that aviation is an incredibly complicated profession. Studying the operation and safe use of aircraft requires many hours of practice, studying and hands-on experience. Before you hit the cockpit, you’ll need to spend a few hours with your head in the books. There’s a range of units of study you’ll need to complete to receive your helicopter licence, including the following:

  • Human Factors
  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Pre-Certificate Air Legislation
  • Pre-Solo Air Legislation
  • Flight Radiotelephone Operator

Each of the above subjects varies in difficult; however, thankfully the exams are usually multiple-choice. Before sitting the exams, we recommend you commit several hours of study to each unit. If you’re unsure about the course’s specific elements, you can always reach out to your instructor.

It is also important to remember that each exam requires a pass mark of 80% (so scraping a 52 is still a fail mark, unfortunately). It also means you can’t simply bluff your way through the course and hope for a slim pass. It will help if you put in the study time to ensure you recall everything covered in the class. Moreover, you’ll need to do more than recall information. You’ll need to show that you can apply this information to different scenarios and concepts, regardless of whether you’re applying for a commercial or private helicopter licence.

So, there’s a lot that goes into getting your helicopter licence. Regardless of whether you’re going for a commercial or private permit, you need to fulfill the prescriptions outlined by the CASA. Remember to study hard for all the theoretical tests, since this will put you in a better position for the course’s practical component.

How You Can Make Your Construction Business Succeed When Looking To Invest In Products Such As Corkjoint

Construction engineer at site

Nobody goes into business thinking that they are going to fail but once people start getting a few years in, they may start to realise just how much work has to go into everything. There are so many little tasks that have to be taken care of that many people will start to dream of the time when all they had to do was to clock on and clock off each day. But people don’t necessarily have to give up, as all they have to do is to figure out a way to make their life and their processes a little easier.

And the great news is that there are all sorts of different ways that people are able to go about this and more often than not, simply implementing a new strategy is enough for people to be able to see things completely differently. As failure is not an option for so many people out there, here is a closer look at how you can make your construction business succeed when looking to invest in products such as corkjoint.

You can make your construction business succeed when looking to invest in products such as corkjoint as they will make your day to day tasks a lot easier to manage

You can make your construction business succeed when looking to invest in products such as corkjoint as they will make your day to day tasks a lot easier to manage. Sometimes people will think that there are so many hours in a day and they can’t quite seem to fit everything in these hours that they want to. But sometimes the reason for this is because they are not thinking about how they are able to streamline each and every one of their tasks.

In fact, some people out there don’t even know what all of the tasks that they complete in a day are and so they need to go about accessing this. And once people do have a list, they can then go about timing each task to see how long it takes and they can then go about bringing down this time. And usually, investing in a simple but good quality product is the best way to go about this.

You can make your construction business succeed when looking to invest in products such as corkjoint because they are so affordable    

You can make your construction business succeed when looking to invest in products such as corkjoint because they are so affordable. The funny thing is that most people think that they have to invest in really expensive products in order to make a difference in their operations but what they may not realise is that it is usually the little things that make a big impact. And so, people don’t have to break the bank when bringing new things into their work life as they are able to very easily look into something such as this which will increase their productivity.

And once people do this, they will usually notice a ripple effect where other areas of their business and even their personal life start to also improve. Be this as it may, there really isn’t any reason not to look into this kind of product as it is so affordable and especially when people feel like there are not enough hours in the day for them. Soon enough, things will be running so smoothly that people will be looking for their next project to sink their teeth into.     

Benefits for Women Who Use The Shiseido Hair Straightening Method

Woman straightening her hair with a hair iron

The Shiseido hair straightening method has its origins in Japan during the 1990s. Innovator Yuko Yamashita would be the one responsible for a thermal reconditioning approach that completely altered the way hairstylists thought about the practice to flatten the tresses and deliver a user-friendly product that worked.

Obtain those luscious flat locks would normally have required a lot more time, chemicals, pain and stress for salons without achieving the same look. Thankfully Yamashita’s creation would catch fire and has since become a popular service for women all across Australia.

There will be those clients who are reluctant to try it at first, but given the results that have been enjoyed for women of all ages and backgrounds, it is worth examining in further detail.

Gorgeous Aesthetics

Women who embrace the Shiseido hair straightening method have an immaculate presentation that glistens and shines across all conditions. It works for brunettes, blondes, red heads, lilac, chocolate-brown, silver, white and everything in between. It is a lovely compliment for eyelash features and happens to produce a consistent finish that has proven to make others envious.

Time Management Benefits

Women know that a lot of their morning can be consumed by the conditioning of the hair. With the washing, drying and combing activities accumulating 15, 20 or 30 minutes plus, this creates an issue for those operators who are already pressed for time. For those clients who decide to invest in Shiseido hair straightening, the product is already on show and can be improved with some very light brushing to bring it back to its original standard.

Enjoying a Professional Production

Woman with straight hair after Shiseido hair straightening

Professional stylists will use the Shiseido hair straightening approach to breakdown the molecular bonds of the hair to ensure an effective solution will be delivered. A chemical solution will be applied to the tresses before a flat iron helps to neutralize and shape the design into place. Experienced operators will be able to guide the client through the process without them being overwhelmed by the day, seeing some sessions require up to 7 or 8 hours for completion. 

Reducing Reliance on Extensive Hair Products

The amount of money and time that is invested trying to manage wavy hair and curls can make for an arduous exercise at the best of times. This is why Shiseido hair straightening is considered a quality measure, removing the need to make those costly purchases with shampoos, conditioners, home straighteners and other tools and chemicals that produce mixed results to say the least.

Simple Maintenance Responsibilities

It is mandatory that women who engage in the Shiseido hair straightening style avoid any water or moisture for the next 2-3 days. This will help the chemicals to work their magic and alter the molecular structure for the long-term. Aside from this, the style only requires some light brushing to ensure that it is up to standard, seeing many customers returning for an upgrade every 6-9 months on average.

Transparent Price Schemes

Local clients who are looking at providers of the Shiseido approach understand that the process is not entirely cheap, but can still be budgeted for given the cost-saving measures that it enjoys. Salons and outlets will be able to serve women in this market for anywhere between $250-$1000 depending on the extent of their work and whether or not they want extra features like colour dyes. Operators will be up front about these prices. When members realise what they save in shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers and monthly salon visits, they will realise the value.

There is no question that customers who engage the Shiseido hair straightening method enjoy peace of mind with this effective solution that tackles their waves and curls. For those who are curious about the process and want to know more, it is important to contact providers at a local level. They will be happy to walk customers through the process and to showcase their recent case studies.

Why ERP Software in Australia Should be Introduced Early for Organisations

ERP software in Australia being used by a worker

There are thousands of case studies that demonstrate just how effective ERP software in Australia can be for domestic enterprises. Enterprise resource planning systems allow organisations to control their supply chain, to manage their imports and exports, to communicate between department officials and to make the complicated appear simple.

However, it is not enough just to make this transition if it happens to be delayed by months and years. That is time, money and resources that cannot be recovered, so it is necessary to look at the strategic benefits for making the implementation as soon as possible.

Optimising Business Costs

The sooner that ERP software in Australia is introduced for local enterprises, the sooner they can get a hold of their expenditure and manage their operational costs. The bottom line is everything from the perspective of owners and managers, so an investment in this technology will enable financial waste to be reduced while optimising monetary opportunities that present themselves.

Improving Department Communication

The need to connect warehouse officials, accounting representatives, sales participants and management is never more prescient than when ERP software in Australia is examined in detail. An early introduction to this design enables all of these components to be working in sync, allowing the entire organisation to be targeting the same objectives without experiencing the same logistical issues that other brands suffer from.

Enhancing Productivity & Efficiency Measures

The implementation of ERP software in Australia really does open eyes for business across the board when it comes to the allocation of resources and the amount of waste that is red-flagged. Productivity and efficiency are not corporate buzzwords but a way for the company to actually realise its potential. Making this transition early in the piece will allow this progress to be made.

Centralised Operating Model

Workers using an ERP software in Australia

The integration of an ERP system ensures that staff members at all levels and all departments are leveraging a centralised operating model. Outdated utilities have a habit of being fractured and customised from one level to the next, creating a disparity that is hard to comprehend. In this setting, there is a uniformity where data is captured and stored through a sole entity.

Data Forecasting

Domestic ERP platforms allow participants to read, assess and report on a variety of supply chain components that the business considers important. However, the use of this application takes this technology to greater heights through its forecasting features. Based on inputs, outputs, price fluctuations in the market and application of different policies, this design will forecast potential results to improve the decision-making process.

Customer Service Progress

A customer relationship management or CRM program will be a part of ERP software in Australia. This is a way and means of businesses staying connected with their consumer base, ensuring that they have fast access to information and happen to be put in contact with staff members who are ready and available to respond to requests.

Making Strategic Commercial Gains

Domestic business at a national, state and local level is competitive to a cut-throat degree. There is no room for sentiment because standing still equates to going backwards in the modern landscape. The earlier that ERP software in Australia is introduced, the sooner these gains can be realised within a particular commercial niche.

Although it is never too late to introduce ERP software in Australia, those who delay their decision and wait for others to test the platform will be left behind. The system will still provide advantages, but they will have more challenges to encounter along the way. Engage industry specialists and speak with suppliers to find a software package that meets the needs of your business to make these gains quickly.

Are Corporate Flu Vaccinations Worth It?

man preparing for corporate flu vaccinations

Every year the influenza virus is responsible for countless lost hours of works as well as thousands of deaths and hospital visits globally. Influenza is a highly contagious illness that impacts almost everyone at some point in their lives – you’ve likely contracted certain strains of it before and know how unpleasant and debilitating it can be. Unlike the common cold, influenza can hang around for weeks and cause serious health concerns. So what can employers do about it? Corporate flu vaccinations are a great way to limit the impact of influenza at work at can help you to protect the health and safety of your staff.

Is it safe?

Many people when considering implementing corporate flu vaccinations wonder if the vaccine is safe. The answer is that for most people it is safe, but there are certain groups of people who should steer clear – so be mindful of this when you’re planning corporate flu vaccinations!

People who have allergies or react severely to the influenza shot should skip it, as should people who have certain health conditions and children younger than 6 months.

Will corporate flu vaccinations give people the virus?

A lot of people believe that influenza immunisations can give you the virus, but don’t worry, this is actually not a possibility. The immunisation is made from a non-active version of the virus, or components of it and cannot cause you to become infected with it. Some people can experience side effects such as a mild fever, pain at the injection site and a headache.

What are the benefits of corporate flu vaccinations?

Limits the spread of the virus

Corporate flu vaccinations can help you to prevent your valued staff from falling ill and passing the virus around the office. Preventing the spread of the virus can help to limit the number of sick days that your employees take and can help you to ensure that productivity remains high, even during the winter influenza season.

Minimises symptoms

Unfortunately, the vaccine is not 100% effective for everyone, but usually, people find that their symptoms are much milder if they do contract the illness and symptoms usually won’t hang around for as long which means staff will be able to back to work sooner.

Improves community protection

Workplace flu vaccinations are a great way to do your part for the community. When people who are healthy get immunised, they help to protect those around them who can’t be immunised. This is known as herd immunity and it’s an important way to protect the vulnerable members of our society. Running an immunisation program in your workplace can be a simple and valuable way to show that your company cares and takes it’s obligations to the local community seriously.

Do I need to run programs every year?

People need to get the influenza shot once every year to ensure that they have high enough levels of immunity to fight off the virus. If you want your employees to have continued protection from the virus, then you’ll need to run an immunisation program every year. It’s a good idea to plan to run the program a few months before winter as it takes time for immunity to build up in the body.

Every year employers experience a massive drop in productivity due to influenza. Ensuring staff are properly immunised by getting the shot can help to protect everyone’s heath and will no doubt boost the morale of your workplace. If you’re concerned about the impact on the virus on your business then consider contacting local organisations to run a program for you.