Modern quilt patterns look amazing on certain things, and many people seek them out for various different design reasons. More often than not, people are seeking out modern quilt patterns for inspiration for their own projects. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find a good platform with many different art pieces on them to browse through for your own uses. The Internet has brought rise to many different platforms for different purposes, and these platforms will definitely have communities that you can use to find different pieces. These platforms could include websites dedicated specifically for these types of purposes. Social media has become huge since the 2000s, and it has evolved into something more than just a place to chat with other people. Communities have formed on these social media platforms which allow people with like-minded interests to connect. This means you will definitely be able to find pieces on various different social media platforms.

Here are 3 different places to find easy modern quilt patterns.


Magazines offer a subscription service for their products. There are various modern quilt patterns magazines available out there, and these will undoubtedly have numerous pieces every week which will be able to provide you with inspiration. These magazines will focus on only modern quilt patterns and related topics to it, and you will also be able to learn about the work and read useful information related to it. Magazines are also a regular thing, so you will have a regular source of information and inspiration every single week.

Even though everything nowadays is done digitally, there is something nice about having a physical magazine in your hand, relaxing and reading it. Most modern quilt patterns magazines offer online subscriptions if that is also something you are looking for.

Social media

modern quilt patterns

Social media has become hugely popular during the past years, and millions of people access these platforms every single day to connect and chat with others. While Facebook used to be one of the biggest platforms available, other platforms with different purposes have surpassed it significantly. These platforms are great for finding modern quilt patterns, as they have whole communities which congregate around the topic and related subjects. For example, you will be able to find tags for modern quilt patterns on Instagram, and through this you can scroll through thousands if not more designs that you can use to be inspired by or use for your own purposes. There are many other social media platforms such as Pinterest available which are also great places to find designs.

Google images

This may seem like an obvious one but finding modern quilt patterns is as easy as googling it. Google contains a huge number of images on its database, and simply searching the right search terms will result in a huge return of results. You will be able to scroll through these results for hours on end and will surely find some designs you like through this. This is a simple method which does not require a subscription or a social media account. You simply just need a computer and access to the Internet, then you just Google modern quilt patterns and take a browse around.

In summary, modern quilt patterns can be found through a variety of different methods. These can include a magazine subscription, social media platforms and Google images. These are very simple ways to find new designs and easy to do. If you are looking for new designs for inspiration or for other purposes, try these methods for the best results.