While watching the hit series Suits, the thought that we could make fantastic lawyers has crossed our mind more than once! And if you’ve ultimately decided to take up law and specialize in it, this post is for you. We’ve come up with a list of newest niche areas in the field of law – that are still pretty unexplored. Read on to find something that interests you:


Media and entertainment law:
This is definitely one exciting field! Especially with the sudden switch from televisions to smartphones and laptops, more laws are required to protect the media and entertainment industry from all kinds of lawbreakers. The streaming culture has set in, and a lot of protection of copyrights or patents has to be provided to the creative artists. And this is where lawyers come into the picture – you need the expertise to deal with the entertainment sector, filing of copyrights and patents for media houses, artists and everyone involved in the creative sector in protecting and securing them from plagiarism and other menaces that target the entertainment industry.


Cyber laws:
With the increasing presence of people online, the need to secure them out there has become essential. And this is where cyber laws come in. The most upcoming and in-demand niche area in the field of law has caught the attention of not only newcomers but novices too. Cyber laws are interesting – both to study and practice, making it one of the steadily gaining popularity niche area in the law. And with the recent hullaballoo over privacy on websites and social media sites, lawyers specialized in cyber law are even more in demand.


Maritime law:
90% of the trade in the world takes place via waterways. The transit of goods across borders doesn’t just happen – there are laws to protect them too. What if these goods get lost in transit, what of the importer refuses payments – such and many others are the kind of issues faced by the maritime companies.


And maritime laws protect all of them. If you’re looking to specialize in this area, and are looking out for an internship, keep in mind that these practices thrive in port areas, where they are required the most for procedures, customs, and all other requirements.

There you go – fresh new areas which you can venture into and build a sure shot successful career!

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