As soon as you graduate and land up in a job, the feeling of excitement and independence overpowers you. You begin spending irrationally on things not required at all too. And it’s too late before you realize that this reckless behavior doesn’t help you at all. So before this regret phase comes in, go through the tips we have for you – they’ll help you to save! And yes, thank us later!


Prepare a budget:
Well, it may sound all traditional – but this thing called ‘budget’ which you’ve heard quite often growing up from your parents is really important. Segregate your income into priorities, necessities, and luxuries. Write it down so that you can stick to the budget you have prepared.


Right away:

You have to begin saving the day you start earning. Make sure the amount of savings goes off to where it has to at the beginning of the month itself. This ensures you won’t get tempted to use this money when you run out of funds at the end of the month.



You don’t have to be that carefree hippie soul who isn’t bothered about the future. Imagine a rainy day where you have no umbrella and nowhere to go either – that’s what will happen when you have no money in hand when you desperately need some! The best way out is to look out for schemes and funds which suit your budget – these are specially tailor made to suit the needs of youngsters who have just started earning. Invest in these. You can always increase the amount whenever you wish to.


From every salary, make sure you take out a little me-fund. This fund is to cater to all your hobbies, passions, things you love to do. Its no use working so hard and not being able to enjoy the fruit of your labor. So do it, it may not be a huge amount, just an amount enough to fund that baking class, library subscription or the fees of your guitar class. You owe it to yourself.


Cut some slack:
While you are expected to stick to the budget you have prepared so meticulously, there are months when you aren’t able to go through with your budget because of many possible reasons – emergencies, birthdays, celebrations, unexpected expenses, repairs, and the list goes on. At such times it’s impossible to stick to your budget, and it’s perfectly fine – you can cut yourself some slack!