Let’s accept this – we’re all surrounded by so much competition, negativity, feeling of worthlessness and so many other things in our lives every day, that there’s no space for positivity remaining anywhere. But hey, did you know that squeezing a bit of positivity in your life can make a lot of difference! So how do you do it? How do you move towards living a positive and happy life? Here are a few things you can incorporate in your life:


  • Start the day with a bang:
    Well, I know you’ll be all drowsy and sluggish in the morning, but it’s all in mind! If you are super upbeat and excited in the morning, your brain will start acting that way too! So kickstart the day with a happy routine – something that will make you energized and look forward to the rest of the day!


  • Be thankful:
    You’ve been blessed with a lot of blessings – so count them, be grateful that you have the privileges which many around you struggle to have. Being grateful helps you to look at life in a positive angle, it makes you happy, content and satisfied.



  • Get over those challenges:
    There will be challenges, problems, issues propping up everywhere – at home, among friends, in your workplace. Don’t let these challenges overpower you. Instead of cribbing over them, find ways and means to deal with them – it works. Look out for solutions, rather than piling up your issues – your life will be much easier.


  • Smile a lot:
    When life gives you a reason to laugh, laugh your heart out! And when it doesn’t, you always have the option to smile! Smiling not only keeps you positive but your surrounding positive and happy


  • Learn to say no and learn to listen to no:
    This is our core issue – we’re not good at giving and receiving ‘No’s.’ Why? It’s because we’re not comfortable in our own space and don’t have the self-confidence to give out no’s when required. If you learn this art, I’m sure you’ll be a lot more happier than you are now!


  • Talk:
    Talk to people whenever you get a chance. It makes you realize that you’re not the only one dealing with problems in life – there are a bunch of people out there dealing with the issues of a greater magnitude. Talking also helps to release your stress.

Easy to follow these tips right? Make them a part of your life and watch the remarkable difference it will bring in your life!