man preparing for corporate flu vaccinations

Every year the influenza virus is responsible for countless lost hours of works as well as thousands of deaths and hospital visits globally. Influenza is a highly contagious illness that impacts almost everyone at some point in their lives – you’ve likely contracted certain strains of it before and know how unpleasant and debilitating it can be. Unlike the common cold, influenza can hang around for weeks and cause serious health concerns. So what can employers do about it? Corporate flu vaccinations are a great way to limit the impact of influenza at work at can help you to protect the health and safety of your staff.

Is it safe?

Many people when considering implementing corporate flu vaccinations wonder if the vaccine is safe. The answer is that for most people it is safe, but there are certain groups of people who should steer clear – so be mindful of this when you’re planning corporate flu vaccinations!

People who have allergies or react severely to the influenza shot should skip it, as should people who have certain health conditions and children younger than 6 months.

Will corporate flu vaccinations give people the virus?

A lot of people believe that influenza immunisations can give you the virus, but don’t worry, this is actually not a possibility. The immunisation is made from a non-active version of the virus, or components of it and cannot cause you to become infected with it. Some people can experience side effects such as a mild fever, pain at the injection site and a headache.

What are the benefits of corporate flu vaccinations?

Limits the spread of the virus

Corporate flu vaccinations can help you to prevent your valued staff from falling ill and passing the virus around the office. Preventing the spread of the virus can help to limit the number of sick days that your employees take and can help you to ensure that productivity remains high, even during the winter influenza season.

Minimises symptoms

Unfortunately, the vaccine is not 100% effective for everyone, but usually, people find that their symptoms are much milder if they do contract the illness and symptoms usually won’t hang around for as long which means staff will be able to back to work sooner.

Improves community protection

Workplace flu vaccinations are a great way to do your part for the community. When people who are healthy get immunised, they help to protect those around them who can’t be immunised. This is known as herd immunity and it’s an important way to protect the vulnerable members of our society. Running an immunisation program in your workplace can be a simple and valuable way to show that your company cares and takes it’s obligations to the local community seriously.

Do I need to run programs every year?

People need to get the influenza shot once every year to ensure that they have high enough levels of immunity to fight off the virus. If you want your employees to have continued protection from the virus, then you’ll need to run an immunisation program every year. It’s a good idea to plan to run the program a few months before winter as it takes time for immunity to build up in the body.

Every year employers experience a massive drop in productivity due to influenza. Ensuring staff are properly immunised by getting the shot can help to protect everyone’s heath and will no doubt boost the morale of your workplace. If you’re concerned about the impact on the virus on your business then consider contacting local organisations to run a program for you.