Woman straightening her hair with a hair iron

The Shiseido hair straightening method has its origins in Japan during the 1990s. Innovator Yuko Yamashita would be the one responsible for a thermal reconditioning approach that completely altered the way hairstylists thought about the practice to flatten the tresses and deliver a user-friendly product that worked.

Obtain those luscious flat locks would normally have required a lot more time, chemicals, pain and stress for salons without achieving the same look. Thankfully Yamashita’s creation would catch fire and has since become a popular service for women all across Australia.

There will be those clients who are reluctant to try it at first, but given the results that have been enjoyed for women of all ages and backgrounds, it is worth examining in further detail.

Gorgeous Aesthetics

Women who embrace the Shiseido hair straightening method have an immaculate presentation that glistens and shines across all conditions. It works for brunettes, blondes, red heads, lilac, chocolate-brown, silver, white and everything in between. It is a lovely compliment for eyelash features and happens to produce a consistent finish that has proven to make others envious.

Time Management Benefits

Women know that a lot of their morning can be consumed by the conditioning of the hair. With the washing, drying and combing activities accumulating 15, 20 or 30 minutes plus, this creates an issue for those operators who are already pressed for time. For those clients who decide to invest in Shiseido hair straightening, the product is already on show and can be improved with some very light brushing to bring it back to its original standard.

Enjoying a Professional Production

Woman with straight hair after Shiseido hair straightening

Professional stylists will use the Shiseido hair straightening approach to breakdown the molecular bonds of the hair to ensure an effective solution will be delivered. A chemical solution will be applied to the tresses before a flat iron helps to neutralize and shape the design into place. Experienced operators will be able to guide the client through the process without them being overwhelmed by the day, seeing some sessions require up to 7 or 8 hours for completion. 

Reducing Reliance on Extensive Hair Products

The amount of money and time that is invested trying to manage wavy hair and curls can make for an arduous exercise at the best of times. This is why Shiseido hair straightening is considered a quality measure, removing the need to make those costly purchases with shampoos, conditioners, home straighteners and other tools and chemicals that produce mixed results to say the least.

Simple Maintenance Responsibilities

It is mandatory that women who engage in the Shiseido hair straightening style avoid any water or moisture for the next 2-3 days. This will help the chemicals to work their magic and alter the molecular structure for the long-term. Aside from this, the style only requires some light brushing to ensure that it is up to standard, seeing many customers returning for an upgrade every 6-9 months on average.

Transparent Price Schemes

Local clients who are looking at providers of the Shiseido approach understand that the process is not entirely cheap, but can still be budgeted for given the cost-saving measures that it enjoys. Salons and outlets will be able to serve women in this market for anywhere between $250-$1000 depending on the extent of their work and whether or not they want extra features like colour dyes. Operators will be up front about these prices. When members realise what they save in shampoos, conditioners, blow dryers and monthly salon visits, they will realise the value.

There is no question that customers who engage the Shiseido hair straightening method enjoy peace of mind with this effective solution that tackles their waves and curls. For those who are curious about the process and want to know more, it is important to contact providers at a local level. They will be happy to walk customers through the process and to showcase their recent case studies.