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If you’re planning a wedding then you might be thinking about save the date cards, they’re a nice gesture for your guests and signal to them to start planning for your wedding date. They’re a much more elegant way to communicate with wedding guests than an email or text. Trying to decide on the perfect save the date cards for you wedding? Here’s some creative ideas and options to consider.

Opt for a rustic look

If you’re planning a countryside affair or a wedding on a farm them consider a beautiful rustic look for your save the date cards to set the scene. Rustic styling offers the perfect balance of relaxed, modern styling and country aesthetics. Great rustic options include tactile textures and brown papers with relaxed, casual typefaces. They also often include photography and less formal layouts, making them a budget-friendly option. Consider a rustic postcard to spend less on envelopes.

Go for art deco

If you love vintage-inspired design then art deco style save the dates might be just the ticket! Art deco is timeless and classy and pairs beautiful geometric shapes with metallic finishes. Art deco is perfect for city weddings or glamorous affairs, especially if you don’t like photography or illustrations.

Send them a postcard

save the date card

Weddings can be expensive and even save the date cards can add up, every additional cost matters. When you consider the cost of your venue, dress and catering it easy to see how the budget can get blown and the last thing you’d want to do is overspend on invitations.

You can save money and eliminate some of the cost involved in your wedding stationary by skipping envelopes with budget-friendly postcards. Not only do they cost less but they’re also stylish and nostalgic.

Go vintage

Are you opting for a vintage theme or perhaps having your wedding in a historic location? Vintage-style save the date cards and an excellent choice for timeless, classic weddings. As a bonus, they never go out style and so you’ll be able to look back on your stationary and treasure if for many decades to come.

Make typography the feature

Keep things simple and go for striking and stylish designs that feature typography instead of illustrations or photography. A striking typographic design can have just as much if not more visual impact as a photograph or beautiful picture.

Go for colour

Go for a modern look with punchy colours, which look especially great when paired with black and white photos. Bright colours are great for contemporary weddings in glamorous settings. If you’re going for an industrial feel for your wedding then consider stationary with punchy colours.

Beautiful illustrations

Customised illustrations can give your save the date cards a very romantic and unique feel. Simple, vintage-style illustrations will give your stationary a timeless feel and strikes a great balance between a more traditional look and contemporary style. Custom artwork commissions are an amazing way to incorporate details that are unique to you and your partner such as personal features like hair colour as well as things that are special to each of you. Bespoke artwork can be costly, however, but luckily there are many template or pre-drawn options out there available for couples.

Floral style

Florals and weddings go hand in hand. If you’re having a wedding with loads of amazing florals, then why not make them front and centre on your stationary. Florals are great for garden weddings or weddings in outside venues but they’re also perfect for vintage or historic style venues or events taking place during the day.