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Can you believe Christmas is around the corner again? We’re certainly pulling some ‘wow’ faces over here. Regardless, the marketing show must go on, and to many brands and services this is not only one of the busiest times of the year but an important one to be bringing their A-game.

Festive spirit and the annual tradition of gift-giving set up a great gateway through which marketers can bring in volumes of purchases. At Christmas it’s more important than ever for a brand to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Some of the usual Sydney SEO tips and tricks can help, but if you really want to capitalize on the holiday season, you may want to chuck some of these in your Christmas campaigns…


  1. Appeal to Christmas feels

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” or so Andy Williams reckons. Being that point of year where many of us take time off to celebrate with family, there tends to be an air of positivity, joy, and relaxation. At least, aside from the hustle of Christmas prep.

It’s truly a wonderful time of year, too, for marketers. This is because when people are happy, they tend to buy more. Not to mention the sentimentality is strong – we all get a little sappy thinking about the ones we love, making us want to show them what they mean to us through quality gifts.

If digital marketing campaigns and blog posts portray themselves in a festive light to match these emotions and sentiments, customers can come to associate the brand with the holiday season. Such emotions will be evoked when encountering your product or service, making for a great sales boost.


  1. The gift of brand personality

Have you heard of brand personality? This idea from brand psychology suggests that there are human characteristics associated with a brand. Each of these correspond with traits of the person interacting with the brand. These traits are…

  • Sincerity – down-to-earth, honest, wholesome, cheerful. For example, Lush
  • Excitement – daring, spirited, imaginative. For example, Coke
  • Competence – reliable, intelligent, successful. For example, Apple
  • Sophistication – upper-class and charming. For example, Mercedes
  • Ruggedness – outdoorsy, tough, For example, Kathmandu (camping gear)

Talk about personification! When we buy gifts for friends and family, we tend to go for things we feel are ‘really them’. It’s intuitive.

Digital marketing campaigns should target this, and make clear the personality traits of their brand, to help consumers have that ‘aha’ moment and be able to match products with the receiver of gift.


  1. Give back with a free gift

Gift giving is a significant part of Christmas. So why not have your brand jump on the bandwagon and give something back to your customers? This could be a free item, complimentary gift-wrapping, a holiday event, or even a simple thank you card.

Doing this will not only add to already uplifted moods, but will make customers want to choose you over competitors.


  1. Mention the holiday specials

As wonderful as Christmas is, it can take a hefty bite out of the bank account. Make the gift-giving sentiment a little more budget friendly by offering holiday discounts or a “buy one, get one free” on items and services. Mentioning this in your promo is sure to sway some shopping decisions.


  1. Build anticipation

The countdown to Christmas eve/day is exciting – and in some cases daunting when you still have so much to do. With special items like chocolate advent calendars, December seems to be all about building the hype.

Use your promo to help! When people anticipate a reward, we actually feel greater pleasure from this buzz than the reward itself. Plus by doing things like…

  • Stalling a holiday related announcement (not for too long though!)
  • Giving customers a ‘To Be Confirmed’ gift
  • Offering discounts on particular days
  • Releasing new content each day in the lead up to the occasion

… You are getting customers to pay attention which increases brand awareness