man while working from home

Don’t let social distancing hold you back – did you know you can still get great work experience with remote internships? Work experience is all about getting real-life experience in your chosen field of study, but the hands-on experience has become complicated recently due to the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, modern-day innovation and technology mean you don’t have to miss out or fall behind on where you planned to be in your career journey. You can still keep things on track with many workplaces now offering remote internships which allow you to complete work experience from home.

More and more businesses are operating in virtual environments due to the social distancing requirements being introduced due to the pandemic, but this hasn’t reduced their interest in having new, fresh faces join and many businesses are looking for ways that they can still offer hands-on experience and the chance for university students and graduates to get their feet wet.

Many businesses are now offering remote internships run over the computer and in virtual working environments, a lot of these are running over the summer and allow people to continue to grow their network and career opportunities from the safety of their home.

A lot of these work opportunities are in fields where work can be easily completed online, such as in marketing, research, tech, writing or design and they give people the chance to build up experience – in fact, it’ll look great on your resume because it shows some serious communication and time management skills, not to mention the ability to work autonomously without supervision and the capability to perform well in virtual and collaborative environment.

A new world of opportunity

One of the best things about these remote internships is that they open up a whole new world of opportunity – literally. If you desperately wanted to intern for a company overseas but found the cost prohibitive or found that it was out of reach for you, then you may now have the opportunity to work with company of your dreams!

Remote internships are giving people the chance to work with companies from far-flung destinations outside of their home towns, states and even countries. This could be an awesome opportunity to put international experience onto your resume, without ever having to actually go anywhere. Since it looks like international travel may be off the cards for a while, this is a relief for many as it allows them to still achieve their goals and dreams, even when they can’t actually fly overseas or do international exchanges. This allows graduates to still get the experience of working in international markets even when the circumstances of the pandemic are limiting travel options.

Great experience

Remote internships have been developed to include many of the traditional experiences that people would expect when working with a company, including the chance to be mentored, meet colleagues, build a network and learn how the industry works. Working virtually actually has many benefits and is a great opportunity for students and grads to create global connections, learn time management and serious discipline and well as build up cross-cultural competencies (which are very important in many fields in today’s increasingly globalized world). Another benefit is that virtual work opportunities open up new paths for people with accessibility challenges who may have previously missed out on opportunities – people will no longer face barriers due to accessibility or finances for travel. Hopefully, virtual opportunities will continue to exist even post-pandemic as they could open up a whole new world for many people and lead to limitless opportunities.