For anyone who may not know, varicose veins are a condition where veins (mostly in the leg area) become enlarged, swollen, or raised. While this may not seem like an all too serious condition, anyone who has experienced these types of symptom will understand how unpleasant it can be. Not only do many find it an extremely painful condition to experience, but people can also find themselves feeling insecure and not wanting other people to see their legs. This can become very inconvenient during the warmer months and some relationships can suffer because of the insecurities. Thankfully, there are plenty of methods out there that can reduce the severity of any related symptoms, that can reduce the appearance, and in some cases, remove the condition completely. The only issue with this is that there is so much different information out there when it comes to this topic, that people can easily become confused as to what to do in order to help themselves. Similarly, many people will research this topic and come across treatments that are invasive and that make them feel uncomfortable. This can include options such as surgically removing the issue, blasting the issue with a laser, or something else entirely. For those who want to get as much information as possible so that they can make an informed decision about what to do to help themselves or a loved one, here are some helpful things to know about varicose veins as well as how to heal them.


Varicose veins can sometimes be hereditary

It can be helpful for some people to know that they aren’t doing anything wrong to cause their symptoms because varicose veins can sometimes be hereditary. This means that one of both of their parents may have experienced something similar, as did their grandparents. While having a family member that experiences this condition will make it more likely for a person to experience it too, it doesn’t mean that preventative measures cannot be taken to reduce the chances of this occurring. For example, many people who work in jobs where they have to stand for long periods of time will often find that they can experience varicose veins. A quick and simple way to avoid this is by wearing compression stocking which will help promote healthy blood flow and healthy vessels. Another thing that people can do to avoid varicose veins is to elevate their legs above their heart level for a certain period of time at the end of every day. This again will help support blood flow and can also be a great way to unwind and relax after a busy day.


A sedentary lifestyle can make an impact

What many people out there may not know is that varicose veins can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle. As more and more people are sitting in offices for long periods of time in this day and age, more people are experiencing symptoms. Because of this, more workplaces are raising awareness and are implementing suggested activities that workers can implement. Such activities can be taking the stairs instead of an elevator, going for a walk outside at lunchtime, and working from a stand-up desk. Others will do squats or lunges every half an hour and some workplaces are even implementing free fruit bowls that workers can help themselves too. The reason for these initiatives is because more often than not, simple lifestyle changes are all that is required to reduce the severity of symptoms which can restore confidence in sufferers once more.