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The breakdown of a relationship can be devastating and very complex to try and navigate. The emotional fallout in itself can be extremely difficult to manage, let alone trying to manage the division of assets, managing financials, and coming up with childcare arrangements. Seeking the help and advice of Sydney family lawyers can seem extremely intimidating but it can make the process of separating much easier to deal with. The best Sydney family lawyers will help you to take the time to think about your current situation and reach the outcomes that are best for you and your family unit. They can provide you with the information and advice you need to protect your interests.

The tips below will help you to prepare for your meeting with Sydney family lawyers to help them make the best use of their time with you. Being prepared will help you to better achieve your goals and will make the process less daunting.  

Maximising your time with Sydney family lawyers

In order for your Sydney family lawyers to get the best possible outcomes for you, you’ll need to provide them with a range of information. Here’s what you’ll likely need to provide:

A history

Your Sydney family lawyers will need to know the background of your relationships with members of your family if you are separating. They’ll want to know information like what when you and your spouse or partner met, when you got married, when you decided to separate and any relevant details about your children including how they are currently living, what their names are and when they were born.

Provide income and employment information

Your legal representatives will need to have an understanding of your employment history, including whether or not there were any periods of unemployment. Before meeting with a legal representative it’s a good idea to gather employment information such as tax returns, assessment notices and pay slips as well as dates of employment periods.

Listing your assets and liabilities

Your Sydney family lawyers will need a list of all the assets that are owned both jointly by you and your ex-partner and individually by each of you. It’s a good idea to make your legal representative a comprehensive list, you may want to write down assets such as real estate, vehicles, furniture, home contents, valuables like jewellery, bank accounts, investments, business accounts, trusts, superannuation and any debts like mortgages, credit cards and loans. The more information you provide to your legal representative the better.

Write down all your expenses

You’ll need to write down all your personal expenses and share this with your legal representative. It’s also important to write about expenses related to your children such as school costs, fees for extra-curricular activities, care fees and other expenses.

Remember your meeting is confidential

It’s important to remember that anything you discuss with your legal representative is kept private and confidential. The information that you share with them will not be shared with other but helps them to give you the most accurate and helpful advice for your situation.

Before you go to your meeting with your Sydney family lawyers you should take some time to think about what you’re hoping to achieve. Taking some time to communicate what you want in terms of things like the division of your assets, childcare arrangements and other issues. Getting legal advice from a specialist legal specialist  that you trust and feel comfortable with can make the process of separating much smoother and will ensure the best outcomes for you and your family.