helicopter on air

There is no question that a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is a trip of a lifetime.

By soaking in one of the Seven Wonders of the World from a great height, you will be able to take in all of the natural splendour and wonder that is out there in the Arizona Desert.

Visitors to the United States of America often consider this a bucket list item that they have to tick off and whilst we can paint a picture, words don’t do the experience justice.

To get the most out of the placement, it is worthwhile taking stock of some preparation tips that will make the journey all the more enjoyable.


Don’t Be Rushed

Regardless of where your pickup and drop off point happens to be, you do not want to be rushed with your Grand Canyon helicopter ride. There will be a designated time that will be scheduled and like a commercial flight where some small time concessions can be made, you are pushing your luck if you believe they will wait according to your schedule and itinerary. Leaving others to wait is a bad policy and it is highly recommended that singles, couples and groups arrive well in advance to ensure they have everything in order and are prepared for the journey that lies ahead.


Go To The Bathroom

This tip is especially useful for those that sign up to their Grand Canyon helicopter ride when departing from Las Vegas. That is a journey that requires no less than 4 hours sitting in a confined space so if there is the chance to fit in a quick bathroom break, it is advised that you take it with both hands. Even for those who are picked up from Colorado or Arizona state where there is less travel time accumulated, having an empty bladder is always a benefit for travellers who want to soak in the sights without enduring a painful ride strapped into their seat.


Have Only Essentials on Your Person

You must remember that a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is not your personal chauffeur transporting you in isolation. There will be other passengers included in the adventure as well and because of this, it is business policy to eliminate any luggage or needless items that will become a burden for the trip. Outside of a mobile phone, wallet or lanyard, there really is no scope for other accessories. Even a hat and sunglasses can be deemed inappropriate in some cases given the inclusion of the headset.


Don’t Be Put Off By Weighing Process

A Grand Canyon helicopter ride can only proceed if the load bearing is within the parameters of the chopper. In this context, each participant must be weighed to see where they would be suited as a team, from the window seats to the middle rows. If you would be offended by this process then you should know ahead of time this is only to organise the logistics of the ride and ensure safe passage.


Factor in Potential Motion Sickness

There have been cases where passengers put on a brave face and say they have no issue with motion sickness until they take off and the vomit starts flying! The saying often goes that a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is akin to riding an elevator from thousands of feet in the air, so individuals who have a history with motion sickness or can feel queasy at the sensation of being shifted around inside a confined chopper might have second thoughts about this mode of transportation. The good news is there are medicines and remedies that can be sourced to alleviate these symptoms, so not everyone has to miss out just because their body has this unwanted reaction.