Sydney timber flooring in a living room

 There is nothing quite like the sensational sound of shoes on Sydney timber flooring. The subtle echoes bounce off the walls and evoke a sense of scale and beauty that is timelessly fun. From the sound to the smell, there is no shortage of convenience when it comes to the delights of wood beneath your feet. Today I’ll outline just a few of the grand benefits of giving your home a Sydney timber flooring upgrade.

1.   Sydney Timber Flooring Is Durable and Easy to Clean

Unlike other competitors which are only one or the other, Sydney timber flooring has the agile design and strength to withstand anything that is thrown at them. The incredible strength resides even in the areas of the home with high foot traffic.

The sleek design also allows for an easy vacuum clean or a mop, whatever your pleasure is, other competitors tend to only favor one or the other, Sydney timber flooring gives the gift of choice in all its degrees, even down to the cleaning.

2.   Easy to Install

Worker lacquering timber floor

The way that Sydney timber flooring is cut and designed allows for an ease of installation as well, saving time and money from your life and your contractors. Focus on the more important things in life and be rest assured that the durable material will be in your foundations in no time.

For all the DIY fanatics out there, who are just starting out there is the added incentive of giving it a go yourself, they really are designed that well. Don’t get too cocky though, it still requires a lot of hard labour in the actual execution of the installment, the simplicity of the design takes more time out of the planning stages though, if you’re not confident in it, then always bet on a contractor you can trust.

3.   Adding Value To Your Home

Sydney timber flooring also adds immense value to your home. Houses and apartments with the wooden walkways are typically valued at a higher rate and taken off the market faster. Not to mention the fact that they are absolutely beautiful to look at and will no doubt impress any guest that comes your way.

Imagine the compliments as they echo in the equally enhanced acoustics that stem from having Sydney timber flooring. Better yet, there are so many different designs and styles of wood that each have their own unique sound, look and feel to ensure any home will have the aesthetic that turns heads.

4.   Age Like A Fine Wine

Believe it or not, Sydney timber flooring gets better with age. The sleek and beautiful starting shine will invariably fade of course, but into a much more rustique and developed look and style. Compare this with the popular alternative, carpet. Carpet tends to get moldy and deteriorate into a much lesser version of itself after a few years of wear and tear.

Speaking of the alternative to Sydney timber flooring, did you know that a hardwood floor increases the air quality of a home? It may sound farfetched, but it is true when you consider that alternative options are prone to having open fibres which can catch excess hair, dirt, and grime and end up polluting the air that you breathe as you walk through it.

Think of all the possibilities, the ambience and sense of class that will invariably come from your switch to the solid choice of footing for you and your family. Go hard and go home with Sydney timber flooring.