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Public relations firms are most often tasked with managing the reputation of your business through a number of channels including paid or organic communications. They often manage press communications and their main aim is to ensure your reputation is good and to increase brand awareness.

The practice is about building good relationships between your business and the public. Find out everything you need to know about what you can expect from a PR agency in Melbourne.

Manage your reputation

The management of your reputation is one of the most important services that your PR agency in Melbourne may offer. This often involves strategies such as creating email newsletters, looking at the content on your website, managing your social media, keeping up with responses to reviews or engaging with people who follow you. It’s all about engaging with customers and managing any issues in a timely and efficient fashion.

Manage crises

Another important role for your PR agency in Melbourne might be to manage corporate crisis situations. If your company is high profile then it can be extremely important to have crisis management strategies in place. A good public relations firm will be able to provide you with a crisis communications plan and help you to prepare for when the worst happens.

Media relations

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Another important thing that your PR agency in Melbourne might do is communicate with the media. They will employ a number of tactics with influential journalists or members of the media to ensure your company is visible in the media and that the public is aware of you through new coverage and industry news.

Social media management

Another common task that sometimes overlaps with marketing agencies is the management of your social media. Your PR agency in Melbourne may manage your social media account and reach out an engage with your audience to help build brand awareness and goodwill. Managing your social media might also mean communicating with influencers and getting them to promote your brand and spread the word about your business.

Writing speeches

Another important thing that many public relations firms do is write speeches. If your company regularly holds events of press conferences then it’s important that speeches are properly prepared so that your company puts its best foot forward at public events. If you need to give a speech then it’s a good idea to ask a public relations firm to prepare it as this will ensure that it’s on brand and on message for your business and that it meets your strategic goals.

Press releases

If something big is happening with your business then you might also require a press release. These are often used to announce launches of new products, campaigns or new movements in the business to the public.

Planning events

Another thing that your PR agency in Melbourne might assist with is planning events designed to promote your business or a product and service to the public. Events can be a powerful way to increase brand awareness and reputation.


Another thing they might assist with is outreach project, this might include attending trade shows or events and is designed to boost your company’s reputation and brand. It can also involve social media, press releases and media interviews.

Market research

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They will also often help by performing market research to help you understand what your target audience wants to see from your company. This can take the form of surveys, focus groups or feedback.

Media training

They often also help with training your company in media to ensure that all messaging is on brand and consistent.